Which The Best Bank In France 2019

Review of Banks in France

There are in excess of 400 banks in France. The French managing an account framework incorporates four units: the Bank of France, venture banks, store banks, and banks offering medium-and long haul advances. The Bank of France, the nation’s national money related expert, plays out the accompanying capacities:

Planning credit and fiscal arrangements

Guaranteeing the systematic and smooth working of the keeping money framework

Setting loan fees

As per Moody’s, the viewpoint for the French keeping money framework is steady, mirroring the banks’ reinforced capital and liquidity and consistent advance execution.

For anybody thinking about a vocation in keeping money in France, this rundown is a useful guide on where to begin. To take in more, see our arrangements of money related organizations.

The best banks in France are:

BNP Paribas SA

Established in 1848, BNP Paribas is a universal manage an account with a nearness in 75 nations. The bank works through three divisions: Domestic Markets, International Financial Services, and Corporate and Institutional Banking. It utilizes around 192,000 people. It was once in the past known as Banque Nationale de Paris and changed its name to BNP Paribas SA in May 2000.

In 2016, the bank detailed aggregate resources of US$2.4 trillion and a net benefit of US$9.2 billion.

Credit Agricole

Credit Agricole is otherwise called Green Bank and is headquartered in Montrouge. The bank gives retail, corporate, protection, and venture keeping money items and administrations. It utilizes around 138,000 staff and serves 52 million clients around the world. It works through five portions: Asset Gathering, French Retail Banking – LCL, International Retail Banking, Specialized Financial Services, and Large Customers. It offers installment instruments, advances, sparing items, and installment administration items and administrations; reserve funds/retirement, demise and incapacity/loan boss/gathering; and property and setback protection items. Crédit Agricole is one of the biggest monetary helpful organizations on the planet.

Starting at 2016, add up to resources of the bank were US$1.8 trillion and net benefit was US$4.2 billion.

Groupe Credit Mutuel-CIC

Established in 1645, Groupe Credit Mutuel-CIC was in the past known as CM10-CIC Group. The bank gives benefits in retail and corporate saving money, individual riches administration, land, property protection, designer fund, mechanical administrations, remote reconnaissance, and electronic wallet arrangements. Headquartered in Strasbourg, it utilizes around 69,500 staff crosswise over 4,587 branches and serves 23.8 million clients.

In 2016, the France branch’s aggregate resources added up to US$732 billion and net benefit achieved US$3 billion.


Situated in Paris, BPCE is one of the main banks in France. Set up in 1818, the bank utilizes around 117,000 staff around the world. Gathering BPCE offers an extensive scope of money related items and administrations, including reserve funds and speculation arrangements, money administration administrations, financing arrangements, protection, and discount managing an account administrations. It serves business associations, monetary foundations, institutional financial specialists, private people, independently employed experts, and SMBs.

Starting at 2016, the bank’s net benefit totaled US$4.7 billion.

Societe Generale

Established in 1864, Societe Generale is one of the biggest banks in France. Situated in Paris, it utilizes around 146,000 people around the world. The bank offers exhortation and administrations to individual, corporate, and institutional clients in three center organizations:

Retail managing an account in France with the Societe Generale branch arrange, Credit du Nord and Boursorama, offering an extensive scope of multi-channel money related administrations at the main edge of advanced development.

Global retail managing an account, protection, and money related administrations to enterprises with a nearness in creating economies and driving specific organizations.

Corporate and venture saving money, private keeping money, resource administration, and securities administrations, with perceived ability, top universal rankings, and incorporated arrangements.

In 2016, the bank announced aggregate resources of US$1.6 trillion and a net benefit of US$5.2 billion.

Credit du Nord

Set up in 1919, Credit du Nord is headquartered in Mariehamn, Aland Islands. The bank utilizes around 700 people and works as a business bank through 13 branches.

Starting at 2016, the bank’s aggregate resources added up to US$6.1 billion and net benefit achieved US$24 million.

Credit Mutuel

Established in 1848, Credit Mutuel is an auxiliary of Societe Generale Group. Situated in Paris, the retail bank works eight branches, including Courtois, Kolb, Laydernier, Nuger, Rhone-Alpes, Societe Marseillaise de Credit, Tarneaud and Credit du Nord, and Gilbert Dupont.

Credit Cooperatif

Credit Cooperatif is an agreeable bank that gives saving money items and administrations to non-benefit affiliations, general premium associations, common guide social orders, establishments, cooperatives, consortia of little and medium organizations, social undertakings, socially capable organizations, and people in France. Credit Cooperatif works through three portions: Local Banking, Third Party Asset Management, and Private Equity. Set up in 1989, the bank utilizes 1,967 staff.

In 2016, the bank’s net benefit was US$48 million.

La Banque Postale

Built up in 2006, La Banque Postale is a backup of La Poste, the national postal administration. The bank works in three portions: Retail Banking, Insurance, and Asset Management. Situated in Paris, it utilizes around 26,393 people.

AXA Banque

Established in 2002, AXA Banque SA is an auxiliary of AXA France Assurance SAS. The bank offers investment accounts, land and individual advances, alongside money related certifications and credit administrations. It additionally gives protection items, and additionally property administration, stock trade, and business creation administrations. Based out of Fontenay-sous-Bois, France, AXA Banque works in 64 nations and serves 107 million customers. It utilizes 165,000 staff.

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