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At present, there are just two banks in Greenland. One is the Bank of Greenland, which is the main nearby business bet on the island following its merger with Nuna Bank in 1997. Greenland is the world’s biggest island and is a self-sufficient constituent nation inside the Kingdom of Denmark. As of now, Denmark is in charge of money related direction and supervision of the island.

Moody’s point of view toward the Danish managing an account part is steady, as they expect that strong working conditions will be progressively steady of the household banks’ execution throughout the following 12 to year and a half.

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Banks in Greenland include:

Bank of Greenland

The Bank of Greenland was established in 1967 by a gathering of Danish banks, which comprised of Privatbanken, Den Danske Bank, KjĂžbenhavns Handelsbank, individuals from the Danish Association of Provincial Banks, individuals from the Association of Banks in Copenhagen of 1920, and Andelsbanken.

Headquartered in Nuuk, the bank gives business administrations, and additionally budgetary items and administrations, for example, credits, particular and robotized stores, and property exchanging and organization. It utilizes 115 staff starting at 2016. It works with KNI/Post Greenland to offer fundamental saving money benefits in towns and settlements on the island where it doesn’t work a branch.

In 2016, the bank detailed aggregate resources US$954 million and a net benefit of US$12 million.


BankNordik is a Faeroese-based full-benefit bank that works a branch in Greenland. The bank gives retail keeping money, resource administration, and corporate managing an account administrations. It holds a 40% piece of the overall industry in the Faroe Islands, being one of just two full-benefit managing an account organizations on the island.

In February 2010, BankNordik acquired 12 branches of Sparbank in Greenland.

Professions in speculation saving money

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